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What consumers really want from brands on Social Media.

Social media usage continues to rise, with 53% of consumers reporting increased usage over the last two years. Let’s take a closer look into consumer psyche:

  • 68% of consumers primarily use social media to stay informed about new products and services.

  • Access to exclusive promotions and deals is the second biggest reason consumers use social media.

  • Only 25% of consumers believe brands need to align with specific values to be memorable.

  • Responding to customer inquiries is the best way for brands to make a lasting impact on social media, according to 51% of consumers.

  • Personalized responses are expected by 70% of consumers, and 76% value quick brand responses.

  • AI plays a significant role in meeting consumer demands, with 81% of marketers reporting positive impacts on their work.

  • AI is expected to further enhance content creation and data analysis in 2024, with 78% seeing increased creativity and 73% improved efficiency.

  • Marketers plan to use AI for customer self-service tools (54%), streamlining social media workflow (50%), and automation of customer service inquiries (47%).

  • 35% plan to use AI for training purposes, but 42% of consumers express apprehension towards AI.

The key takeaway is to have a kick ass customer support team that doesn't make you wait and actually comes back to solve the issue.

As social media evolves, marketers must embrace new technology while navigating the delicate balance between AI efficiency and consumer trust.