TikTok is dominating Instagram

US adults spend more time on TikTok than Instagram in 2023, per Insider Intelligence report.

  • TikTok users above 18 are projected to spend a total of 4.43 billion minutes vs Instagram’s 3.91 billion minutes.

  • Insider Intelligence estimated that TikTok will have 82.3M monthly adult users vs Instagram's 118.4M in the US.

  • TikTok's attention growth: 547% increase (2019-2023) vs Instagram 57%.

  • Instagram ad revenue is 6x TikTok per user hour.

  • TikTok is experiencing growth but still lags behind in terms of its shopping and performance advertising efforts.

  • Reels compete with 200B daily plays, $10B annually revenue run rate for Meta.

  • YouTube dominates them all with 4.5B more daily watch minutes than TikTok.

Here are are a couple Insights from report:

1. Social media time rising overall.

2. Meta (Instagram/Facebook) leads US ad spend.

3. YouTube surpasses TikTok in total minutes, but TikTok users spend proportionately more time on the platform.

If you would like to explore this topic in more depth, you can read the detailed post by Business Insider.