Threads down by 80%

Is anyone still using Threads? I don't think so. You're referring to Twitter (or 'X'), right? Yes, the exact replica. Threads, well, no one seems to be on it anymore. Usage has plummeted by 80%, and time spent on the app is down by 85%. However, let's not forget that Threads had the most successful launch of a social media platform ever. So, what happened?

Lets get into some numbers and facts here:

  • Meta's Threads rapidly gained one million users in hours, surpassing ChatGPT's 5 days and Twitter's year-long efforts.

  • Instagram's Threads achieved 100 million sign-ups in 5 days, setting a next-gen app record.

  • Recent Similarweb report highlights user retention struggles for Threads.

  • Similar Web analyzed July 7 and August 7 data for daily active users and average time spent.

  • Threads' Android app had 49.3 million daily active users on July 7, dropping to 576k by August 7.

  • Average time spent decreased from 21 minutes to 3 minutes.

  • In comparison, X platform has 100 million daily active users on Android, spending 25 minutes.

Threads launched on July 5 in over 100 countries, available on iOS and Android with a web version in progress. Similarweb report acknowledges potential future success for Threads but notes the decline.