Tech is gamifying your sleep

If counting backwards from 100 doesn’t help you fall asleep, you might wanna consider wearable tech. According to The Wall Street Journal, people are using wearable tech to track their sleep:

  • The Oura Ring, which retails for $300 plus a monthly membership, uses infrared LED lights to track biometrics.

  • The Whoop wristband requires a $250 annual membership and uses an app to track bodily stats.

  • The Apple Watch has a sleep app that lets users track time spent in each sleep stage.

People are using mouth taping, sleep masks, blackout curtains, and smart alarm clocks just to get some shut-eye. The hashtag #sleep has amassed 37.6B+ views on TikTok alone.
... there are people keeping score. So it’s not surprising that sleep tracking is being gamified.

Pokemon Sleep tracks sleep and rewards players with higher scores and more Pokemon depending on how they snooze. The app, released earlier this summer, has already been downloaded 10m+ times.

There’s also Sleepagotchi, an app that rewards players for sticking to their sleep goals, which has raised $3.5m in funding.

On my way to download Pokemon Sleep still to get the worst score ever. If you wanna read the original full article(click here).