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Messi is bringing in some serious number for Inter Miami

In just over a month since joining Inter Miami, Lionel Messi has not only met but exceeded towering expectations. His impact on the team, Major League Soccer, and associated brands has been truly remarkable.

In a mere seven games, Messi netted his tenth goal, propelling Inter Miami to victory in the Leagues Cup tournament via penalties. This achievement adds a 44th trophy to his name, securing his status as the most decorated soccer player in history.

Let’s talk about the dough that he’s bringing in for himself and affiliates:

  • Subscriptions to the MLS Season Pass on Apple TV+ have more than doubled since Messi's arrival.In a recent earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said he “could not be happier with how the partnership is going.”

  • Messi's signature pink Inter Miami jersey dominated sports sales charts last month, an Adidas spokesperson revealed, with unprecedented demand in Miami.

  • Messi's presence has turned stadiums into packed arenas nationwide, sending ticket prices soaring by over 1,700% on resale platforms. An otherwise modestly attended game, like Philadelphia vs. Inter Miami, saw tickets reaching astounding prices, from $241 to an astonishing $16,200.

  • Inter Miami's Instagram followers surged past 14 million, eclipsing the counts of NFL, NHL, and MLB teams.

  • Inter Miami owner expects Messi’s signing to double revenue and franchise value over the next year.

  • The intriguing twist lies in the fact that the primary beneficiary of Messi's excellence is Messi himself. His distinctive contract with Inter Miami grants him a share in the revenue he generates for Adidas and Apple.

Messi knows two things for sure how to play football and how to put asses in seats.