Gen-Z in Boardrooms

According to Inc. brands are assembling Gen-Z advisory panels in the hopes of gaining a competitive edge over other brands with a new generation of consumers.

Gen-Z had an estimated $360billion in disposable income in 2021, and their share of the market is estimated to increase to 48% by 2030.

Proof is in the pudding:

  • PR agency Ascend has Gen-Z board members advise clients on the buying habits and mindsets of the younger generation.

  • Wellness company Moon Juice assembled a Gen-Z board of more than 20 members in November 2022.

  • Dcdx is a Gen-Z consulting firm that helps brands build advisory panels and create marketing strategies.

  • Investment firm Able Partners assembled a Gen-Z board to support and advise its portfolio companies.

Major companies are embracing the shift, PR giant Edelman launched its “Gen Z Lab” last year, complete with 100 employees and even a ZEO (Z+CEO).