How tiktok helped McDonald's to increase sales.

Who’s this purple blob? It’s Grimace, the lovably enigmatic character from McDonald's, is the purple guru of all things deliciously mysterious. Is he a sentient blob? A milkshake enthusiast? Nobody knows, but his cheerful vibe makes everyone grin – just like getting an extra French fry in the bottom of the bag!

The Grimace shake trend involves TikTokers uttering “Happy birthday, Grimace“ before indulging in a sip of the McDonald's Grimace dessert shake, only to face the consequences afterward. The Grimace shake debuted on June 12th, on the special occasion of the Grimace’s birthday.

  • After this trend took off, #grimaceshake has over 3 billion views.

  • It helped boost McDonald's second-quarter sales in the U.S. by over 10%.

  • It helped boost McDonald's global second-quarter sales by nearly 12%.

McDonald's also leaned into it, with Grimace tweeting on the McDonald’s account: “meee pretending I don’t see the Grimace shake trendd.” You don’t need executives, you need mods.

Here’s a youtube video if you wanna know more.